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Recommended Reading


Anderson, Courtney    To the Golden Shore
Bainton, Roland    Here I Stand
Belemonte, Kevin    Hero for Humanity
Dallimore, Arnold    George Whitefield
Dallimore, Arnold    Spurgeon: A New Biography
Edwards, Jonathan    The Life & Diaries of David Brainerd
Elliot, Elizabeth    A Chance to Die
Elliot, Elizabeth    Shadow of the Almighty
Marsden, George    Jonathan Edwards
Murray, Ian    D. Martyn-Lloyd Jones the First Forty Years
Spurgeon C.H.    Spurgeon Autobiography

John Piper

Desiring God
Don’t Waste Your Life
Future Grace
Godward Life: Savoring the Supremacy of God
The Hidden Smile of God
Hunger for God
Legacy of Sovereign Joy
Life as a Vapor: 31 Meditations for Your Faith
Pierced by the Word
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
The Roots of Endurance
Sex & The Supremacy of Christ
When I Don’t Desire God

General Titles

Bennet, Arthur    Valley of Vision
Bridges, Jerry    The Pursuit of Holiness w/Bible Study/The Practice of Godliness
Carson, D.A.    Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church
Carson, D.A.    A Call To Spiritual Reformation
Carson, D.A.    The Cross & Christian Ministry
Carson, D.A.    Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God
Carson, D.A.    For the Love of God Vol. 1
Carson, D.A.    For the Love of God Vol. 2
Carson, D.A.    How Long, O Lord: Reflections of Suffering & Evil
Carson, D.A.    Love in Hard Places
Dever, Mark    Nine Marks of a Healthy Church
Elliot, Elizabeth    The Journals of Jim Elliot
Fee & Stuart    How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth
Fee & Stuart    How to Read the Bible Book by Book: A Guided Tour
Ferguson, Sinclair    Christian Life: A Doctrinal Introuction
Ferguson, Sinclair    The Holy Spirit
Fitzpatrick, Elyse    Women Helping Women
Goldsworthy, Graeme    Trilogy
Goldsworthy, Graeme    Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture
Goldsworthy, Graeme    According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible
Grudem, Wayne    Business for the Glory of God
Harris, Joshua    Not Even a Hint
Harris, Joshua    Stop Dating the Church
Lewis, C.S.    Mere Christianity
Lewis, C.S.    The Great Divorce
Lungaard, Kris    Enemy Within: Straight Talk
Mahaney, C.J.    Cross-Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing
Mahaney, C.J.    Christ Our Mediator:Finding Passion at the Cross
Milne, Bruce    Know the Truth
Motyer, Alec    The Story of the Old Testament
Murray, John    Redemption Accomplished and Applied
Newton, Phil    Elders in Congregational Life
Packer, J.I.    Concise Theology: A Guide to Historic Christian Beliefs
Packer, J.I.    Grief Sanctified: Through Sorrow to Eternal Hope
Packer, J.I.    Knowing God
Petty, James    Step by Step
Sande, Ken    Peacemaker
Schaeffer, Francis    No Little People
Schaeffer, Francis    Trilogy
Stott, John    Basic Christianity
Stott, John    The Cross of Christ
Stott, John    Story of the New Testament: Men with a Message
Stott, John    Understanding the Bible
Tada, Joni Eareckson & Estes, Steve    When God Weeps
Tripp, Paul    Lost in the Middle
Welch, Ed    Depression
Whitney, Donald    Spiritual Disciplines for a Godly Life
Williams, Jarvis    One New Man: The Cross and Racial Reconciliation in Pauline Theology
Williams, Jarvis    For Whom Did Christ Die? The Extent of the Atonement in Paul’s Theology

Marriage, Family, and Children

Clarkson, Sally    The Ministry of Motherhood
Clarkson, Sally    The Mission of Motherhood
DeMoss, Nancy    Lies That Women Believe
DeMoss, Nancy    Biblical Womanhood in the Home
Elliot, Elizabeth    The Shaping of a Christian Family
Fleming, Jean    A Mother’s Heart
Gospel Light    The Big Picture Bible Time Line
Hunt, Susan    My ABC Bible Verses
Impson, Beth    Called to Womanhood
Kostenberger, Andreas    God, Marriage & Family
Lindvall, Ella    Read-Aloud Bible Stories vol1
Lindvall, Ella    Read-Aloud Bible Stories vol2
Lindvall, Ella    Read-Aloud Bible Stories vol4
Mahaney, Carolyn    Feminine Appeal
Mahaney, Carolyn    Girl Talk
Mahaney, C.J.    Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God
Marcellino, Jerry    The Lost Jewel of Family Worship
Mason, Mike    The Mystery of Marriage
Meade, Star    Training Hearts & Teaching Minds
Priolo, Lou    The Complete Husband
Ray, Bruce    Withhold Not Correction
Sande, Ken    Peacemaking for Familes
Schultz, Bob    Boyhood & Beyond
Scott, Stuart    The Exemplary Husband
Taylor, Kenneth    The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes
Thomas, Gary    Sacred Marriage
Thomas, Gary    Sacred Parenting
Tripp, Paul    Age of Opportunity
Tripp, Ted    Shepherding a Child’s Heart
Vos, Catherine    Child’s Story Bible
Younts, John    Everyday Talk

Missions & Evangelism

Johnstone, Patrick    Operation World
Kostenberger, Andreas    Salvation to the Ends of the Earth
Metzger, Will    Tell the Truth
Packer, J.I.    Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God
Piper, John    Let the Nations be Glad
Stott, John    Christian Mission in the Modern World