For a temporary season, we will gather in Alumni Chapel on the campus of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for our Sunday morning service.

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Join us each Sunday morning at 9:30am for Sunday School & 10:45am for worship

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People with a Purpose

March 14, 2021


Speaker: John Kimbell Series: People with a Purpose Passage: Romans 1:18–1:32

March 7, 2021

The Image and Likeness of God

Speaker: John Kimbell Series: People with a Purpose Passage: Genesis 1:26–1:31

February 28, 2021


Speaker: John Kimbell Series: People with a Purpose Passage: Acts 17:22–17:31

January 3, 2021

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Speaker: John Kimbell Series: 1 John Passage: 1 John 4:13–4:21

December 27, 2020

Hoping in the Second Advent

Speaker: Jeff Hunter Series: Advent 2020 Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5:1–5:11

December 20, 2020

He Bore the Sin of Many

Speaker: John Kimbell Series: Advent 2020 Passage: Isaiah 52:13–53:12

December 13, 2020

Behold, My Just and Merciful Servant

Speaker: Jeremy Pierre Series: Advent 2020 Passage: Isaiah 42:1–42:9

December 6, 2020

To Us a Child Is Born

Speaker: David Dykes Series: Advent 2020 Passage: Isaiah 9:1–9:7

November 29, 2020

My Eyes Have Seen the King

Speaker: Tom Schreiner Series: Advent 2020 Passage: Isaiah 6:1–6:13

November 22, 2020

Love One Another for Love Is from God

Speaker: John Kimbell Series: 1 John Passage: 1 John 4:7–4:12

November 15, 2020

Test the Spirits

Speaker: John Kimbell Series: 1 John Passage: 1 John 4:1–4:6

November 8, 2020

God is Greater than Our Heart

Speaker: John Kimbell Series: 1 John Passage: 1 John 3:19–3:24

November 1, 2020

Love in Deed and in Truth

Speaker: John Kimbell Series: 1 John Passage: 1 John 3:11–3:18


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Primary Speakers

Bob Briggs | Elder

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David Dykes | Pastor of Discipleship

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Matt Hall | Elder

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John Kimbell | Pastor of Preaching and Discipleship

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Dave Knapp | Elder

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Oren Martin | Elder

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Jeremy Pierre | Pastor of Executive Leadership

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Jeremy Rhoden | Elder

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Tom Schreiner | Elder

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Shawn Wright | Pastor of Leadership Development

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Guest Speakers

Lucas Almeida | Intern (2014-2015) | Former Minister of Music

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Jayse Anspach | Intern (2017-2018)

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Heather Bertram | Nursery Coordinator

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Nate Brock | Intern (2016-2017)

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Tyler Clark | Intern (2017-2018)

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Robert Coffman | Intern (2017-2018)

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Alex Daher | Intern (2015-2016)

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Jim Dernell | Minister of Music

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Jared Duncan | Intern (2018-2019)

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Parker Goforth | Intern (2015-2016)

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Michael Graham | Intern (2014-2015)

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Joshua Greever | Intern (2009-2010)

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Kurt Grothe | Intern (2018-2019)

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Daniel Harman | Intern (2013-2014)

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Nathan Hawley | Intern (2013-2014)

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Austin Hedrick | Intern (2018-2019)

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Jeff Hunter | Elder

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Jonathan Hunter | Intern (2017-2018)

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Gavin Kinnaird | Intern (2016-2017)

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Hyogil Kong | Intern (2016-2017)

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Jerome Leng | Intern (2017-2018)

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Michael Leskowat | Intern (2015-2016)

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Joe Lyles | Intern (2018-2019)

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Josh McCullers | Intern (2016-2017)

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Matt McMains | Intern (2013-2014)

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Brad Moore | Intern (2014-2015)

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Thomas Murphy | Intern (2015-2016)

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Michael Nelson | Intern (2009-2010)

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Matthew Robbins | Intern (2014-2015)

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Joon Roh | Intern (2018-2019)

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Dustin Rudolph | Intern (2014-2015)

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Alex Schroeder | Assistant Minister of Youth

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Deven Smith | Intern (2016-2017)

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Mark Smith | Intern (2013-2014) | Former Pastor of Administration

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Kris Ullman | Intern (2018-2019)

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Lance Wyse | Intern (2013-2014)

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