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Building Beyond 125


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Updated Plan - Auditorium Phase

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We are currently considering Phase One of the Building Beyond 125 campaign, which focuses on renovating our Auditorium. The estimated cost of this is $595,000. If the congregation votes to do the pledge drive, then Pledge Sunday will be October 31, 2021. Any renovation gifts collected before Pledge Sunday will be gratefully received and counted toward the pledge campaign. 


How Can I Give? 

Cash or Check in Sunday Morning Worship. Cash and checks can be given in the offering plate. Please indicate in writing “Building Beyond 125” or simply “Building Renovation.”

Cash or Check by Mail. Checks can be mailed to the church office at the following address. Please indicate in writing “Building Beyond 125” or simply “Building Renovation.”

Clifton Baptist Church
1947 Frankfort Ave
Louisville, KY 40206

Online Direct Deposit. This option is best for online giving, since no percentage of the gift is taken out as a fee. Most banks offer a free way to send one-time or recurring gifts electronically through their online bill pay services. 

First, log into your online banking system. Then, designate Clifton Baptist Church as the payee. Any contact information required would be either the street address (above) or the email associated with Clifton’s account, ( In the transaction memo, type “Building Beyond 125” or simply “Building Renovation.”

For your convenience, below are links to online direct deposits from the top five banks in Louisville, one of which may be yours.

Online Giving. Anyone can give on our website here. Please select the category “Building Beyond 125.” PLEASE NOTE: This option charges significant fees as a percentage of your gift. Particularly for larger sums, the options above are preferable. However, if you choose to use online giving, fees are reduced significantly if you select the Bank Account rather than the Credit/Debit option.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real Property, and Tangible Personal Property. These can be given directly to the church for resale. You will be credited with a non-taxable gift equal to the full current market value of the gift. At the same time, you will avoid most, if not all, appreciation taxes. If you would like to make use of this option, please contact the church office at 502.897.1771 or

Gifts Through Your Corporation. Some persons may discover that they can give much more when they give, in part or entirely, through their corporation rather than from their personal income.


The Presentation 

1. Stewards of a Mission and of a Place
What you’re about to hear is part of our resolve to do good, according to 1 Thessalonians 1:11-12. We resolve to steward our mission and our place so that we might glorify the name of Jesus here in Louisville and send others out across the globe.

2. A Legacy of Faithfulness
Clifton Baptist Church has an established track record of being on mission. In fact, it’s a 125 year history. A 125 year history of being characterized by love for God’s Word, consistent financial responsibility, and steady growth.

3. Obstacles
What are the main obstacles to our mission that characterize our current building? We could provide a long list of particulars. But perhaps most helpful is to summarize them into three main characteristics: obstacles in capacity, usability, and hospitality.  

4. A Vision for the Future
We want to change these characteristics of the building. What are currently weaknesses of our building we want to become strengths so that people can continue to gather and be sent out under the Word of God.

5. The Plans from the Ground Up
Let us walk you through what we believe is a responsible, realistic plan to increase the capacity, usability, and hospitality of this building. We'll start outside the building and work our way up to the top.  

6. What Will Make This Happen?
We believe we have come up with a target number that is responsibly ambitious. This number would do significant renovation of our debt-free building in the heart of town, making this place a more beautiful, usable version of itself.


The Sermons

The heart behind our efforts is to be good stewards of what the Lord has entrusted to us. That's our mission, and therfore our place. But it is also our people. In the following sermons, we consider how Scripture compels us to this stewardship. 

Stewards of a Mission and of a Place - John Kimbell, November 10, 2019

Stewards of a People - Jeremy Pierre, November 17, 2019