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Sermon Schedule


July 25
A Promised Homeland
Joshua 1:1-9
John Kimbell


August 1
Be Strong & Courageous, for the Lord Your God is with You
Joshua 1:1-9
John Kimbell


August 8
The Unity of God's People
Joshua 1:10-18
John Kimbell


August 15
Refuge in the God of Heaven and Earth
Joshua 2:1-24
John Kimbell


August 22
The Living God is Among You
Joshua 3:1-4:24
John Kimbell


August 29
A Holy People
Joshua 5:1-15
John Kimbell


September 5
The God Who Conquers
Joshua 6:1-27
John Kimbell


September 12
The Fearful Folly of Disobedience
Joshua 7:1-26
John Kimbell


September 19
A New Beginning
Joshua 8:1-29
John Kimbell


September 26
Stewards of a Mission and a Place
Joshua 8:30-35 
John Kimbell


October 3
Neglecting the Counsel of the Lord
Joshua 9:1-27
John Kimbell


October 10
Vain Opposition to God's Anointed
Joshua 10:1-12:24
John Kimbell