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Caleb Blackport, Deacon of Ordinances

Caleb Blackport


Caleb Brown, Deacon of Finance

Caleb Brown

I grew up hearing the gospel at home and at church, and placed my hope and trust in Jesus at age 9. My wife and I have lived in Louisville our entire lives and were married after our sophomore year of college. We love being parents to our two young children. I work as an actuary at a local insurance company. My role as deacon of finance involves making sure Clifton’s financial statements are produced accurately and overseeing the budgeting process.


Giancarlo & Diana Cusano, Deacons of Greeting

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Giancarlo: I was blessed to come to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at an early age. After serving in the military for a few years and moving around quite a bit, Diana and I made our home in Louisville and were blessed with our first child. I feel led to serve in the Greeting Ministry because I know how difficult it can be to come to a new place and I want everyone to feel at home at Clifton, even if it’s their first time visiting. I am grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness everywhere I've been and especially in making us a part of the Clifton family.

Diana: I am a mother of two beautiful young boys, John and Daniel, and wife to Giancarlo Cusano.  I became a believer during college, through the loving testimony and friendship of a Korean missionary who evangelized on my campus (and really, actually, through God's grace alone)! It is a joy to serve on the greeting team with Giancarlo.  We pray that believers and unbelievers alike feel welcome to our church home.


Holly Detrick, Deacon of Hospitality

Holly Detrick


Nate Harmon, Deacon of Media

Nate Harmon

 I grew up in a Christian home and professed faith at an early age.  However, much of my childhood was characterized by sinfulness and rebellion.  During high school a youth pastor came to my church.  He regularly met with me one on one and taught me the Bible.  At that time, the Word began to take root in my life, and I repented of my sins and began following Christ.  I attended Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, PA where I met my wife Lisa.  We came to Louisville in 2004 to attend Southern Seminary.  Clifton quickly became our church home. I graduated with my MDiv in 2010.  While in seminary, the Lord blessed us with three children, Elliott, Luciana, and Owen.  Although I pursued education at Bible college and seminary with full-time ministry in view, so far the Lord has had other plans.  In 2009 I began working for Level 12, where I am currently a developer and partner.  The Lord has used my job to better equip me to serve as Deacon of Media at Clifton.  He has also given me the opportunity to help lead a Trail Life USA troop in Charlestown, IN.


Larry Hausman, Deacon of Security

Larry Hausman

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and received a Finance degree from Loyola University in New Orleans. I became a believer in 1998 and attended Southeast Christian Church in 2003. My wife and I were married September 2002 and graduated from Southern Seminary December 2006. We have served overseas in a closed country and currently serve as small group leaders for Clifton.


Ethan Holsteen, Deacon of Special Assistance 


I grew up in a Christian home in Illinois, yet did not truly trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins until I was a sophomore in high school. I moved to Louisville in 2011 to study Biblical Counseling at Boyce College and continued to live in Louisville upon graduating. I am married to my lovely wife, Michaela. I currently work as a teacher at Down Syndrome of Louisville and have had the opportunity to work with people with disabilities in various contexts including the public school, summer camp, and in the home. I desire to see the gospel spread amongst people with disabilities and their families in the context of the church.  


Ian Lawrence, Deacon of Missionary Care

Ian Lawrence

I was raised in a home and in a church where I regularly heard the gospel and was saved from a young age. My wife, Megan, and I lived and worked in China in cooperation with a ministry there before moving to Louisville in 2008 to attend seminary. It's my joy to serve as the Deacon of Missionary Care here at Clifton and to watch the Lord grow our hearts for his work among the nations. Megan and I are blessed with four children, Cohen, Isaac, Luke, and Josie.


Joshua Harmon, Deacon of Building Maintenance 

 Josh Harmon website copy

I was not raised in a Christian home.  However, I came to faith at the age of 14 after witnessing God’s work in my own father.  Soon afterward, I began to feel drawn to the ministry.  In 2002, God blessed me with a godly wife, Michelle, and soon after, we traveled back to Kentucky to finish Bible College.  In 2005, we became members of Clifton Baptist Church.  In 2007 I graduated from Boyce College and from 2007 through 2009, served on staff in our home church, Grace Community Church of Minden, Nevada.  Returning to Kentucky, and to Clifton, we then pursued an MDiv through Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  In 2012, I entered the military as an Army Chaplain Candidate and in 2016, graduated from SBTS.  I am currently serving as an Army Reserve Chaplain. Michelle and I are blessed with four children, Joel, Kayla, Bandon, and Serenity. 


Michael Strawser, Deacon of Ushers 

 Michael Strawser website copy

I became a believer when I was a sophomore at Cedarville University at the age of 19. I am originally from Ohio but moved to Louisville in 2010 to attend Southern Seminary. My wife (Liz) and I were married in 2011 and we have two children-Haddon and Clementine. Currently, I am a Communication professor at Bellarmine University. As deacon of ushers, I oversee our ushering ministry. We expanded the role of our ushers to focus more on hospitality and welcoming all Clifton attendees, especially visitors. In addition to the ushering ministry, Liz and I are Clifton small group leaders.


Lauren Ward, Deacon of Hospitality

 Lauren 2


Jim White, Deacon of Building Maintenance 



Jonathan Whittle, Deacon of Sound

Jonathan Whittle

I grew up in a Christian home in South Carolina and professed faith as a child. I would spend one day a week with my grandmother who would teach me the Bible. By middle school and early high school, the cares and interests of the world crept into my life and I embraced a rebellious, teenage lifestyle. At 16, I attended a youth retreat and was confronted by my youth pastor about my lifestyle and desires. This was a major turning point in my life and set me on a path of following Christ. In 2015 my wife (Emily) and I married and moved to Louisville for Southern Seminary, where I’m also employed as an IT support technician. In February 2019 we will welcome our first child.